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Panoramic View From Sussex Street, North Adelaide, Looking South, Showing Melbourne Street,

By Townsend Duryea (attrib.)

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Adelaide, South Australia
Disbound from a souvenir album containing views of Adelaide and South Australia
Image 1: 20.2cm x 11.8cm (8" x 4¾") approx.
Image 2: 18.7cm x 11.7cm (7½" x 4¾") approx.
Image 3: 19.0cm x 11.9cm (7" x 4") approx.
Total Panorama: 57.9cm x 11.8cm (23" x 4¾").
3 original albumen prints mounted on card. Hand written caption on mounting board. From an album containing various views of Adelaide.

This image is captioned "Adelaide, South Australia". The view is taken from Sussex Street, North Adelaide, looking south, showing Melbourne Street in the foreground (fence line). The Lion Brewery can be seen at the left of the first photograph, and the towers of Adelaide Town Hall and Adelaide General Post Office visible in the far distance in the third photograph. Scot's Church on North Terrace can clearly be seen in the third photograph, with the view taking in the open space now occupied by the University of Adelaide.

The panoramic effect of these images is typical of the work being carried out by Townsend Duryea from the mid-1860s onwards. These images have been taken by a masterful photographer, as they match perfectly at the edges, so this is the work of someone proficient in the production of panoramas. In Adelaide, this was Townsend Duryea.

On 18 April 1875 fire destroyed the studio and negatives of Townsend Duryea. It is highly likely that the view from Sussex Street, North Adelaide, is a rare Duryea panorama of Adelaide that has not otherwise survived.

Another photograph included in this souvenir album of Adelaide photographs is of the newly completed Adelaide General Post Office (constructed 1867-1872). Although construction of the clock tower was completed in 1872, the clock, bells and dial facings were not installed until 1875, and during the three years 1872-1875 the dial openings were infilled with black canvas, painted to represent the clock faces. The clock faces in the General Post Office photograph are the painted black canvas, clearly dating this particular photograph between May 1872 (completion of the GPO) and April 1875 (destruction of Duryea's studio). The panorama probably also dates from this period.

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